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Opening an account online with Mercantil Commercebank in US currency is fast and convenient. You will be required to have an existing Mercantil Banco Universal account with a minimum of 12 months of banking transactional history, your Llave Mercantil and Internet Password (Clave de Internet) available, and an active email address. If you have an account with an affiliated office of Mercantil, please contact our Customer Call Center at 0-800-100-2600, and a call center representative will assist you directly.

Having your account at Mercantil Commercebank, will allow you to enjoy the online banking services and benefits available to you anywhere you have internet access. View multiple accounts, recent transactions, scheduled activity, request a VISA® CHECK CARD, request bank letters of reference and so much more*.

For account information and fees, click here.

Instructions on opening an account online at Mercantil Commercebank:

  • You will need to enter your Llave Mercantil and your internet password (Clave de Internet).
  • Once in the online application, complete all of the required fields. Please include as much information as possible.
  • Keep a copy of the registration confirmation number that will need to be submitted with the required documentation within 30 business days of registering through this service.
  • Once account opening documents are received by the Bank and all required documentation is fulfilled, the account opening will be initiated.
  • You will receive a confirmation email announcing your account opening.
  • Send initial deposit during the first 15 days of account opening. If we do not receive your deposit within this time period, the account will be closed automatically.
  • Submit your initial deposit using one of the two options below:
  1. Send a wire transfer from another US bank using Mercantil Commercebank’s ABA Routing Number or SWIFT Code:

    ABA Routing Number
    SWIFT Code

  2. Send a bank check in US currency only. We do not accept traveler’s checks or money orders. Traveler check or money order received will be returned.

    Please send check to the following address:

    Mercantil Commercebank
    Bookkeeping Department
    12496 NW 25th Street
    Doral, Fl 33182

    You may also send your initial deposit in form of a check from Venezuela, endorsed with your new account number via Grupo Zoom at no cost to you by addressing the envelope to:

    Mercantil Commercebank
    Casillero (MIA - 8180)
To proceed with the opening of your account at Mercantil Commercebank, you understand and agree that your personal information will be validated and authenticated by Mercantil Banco Universal.

*Some charges may apply for these services. For additional fees related to these accounts, please refer to our Miscellaneous Service Fees Schedule, Click here.

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